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Maxim Vengerov ‘Checks Out’ Guarnieri del Gesu that will be given on loan to Junior 1st Prize winner

The Junior 1st Prize winner of the Menuhin Competition London 2016 will receive the glorious violin Joseph Guarneri del Gesu (c.1740) on a 1-year loan from Florian Leonhard Fine Violins.

This stunning violin was previously played by Hungarian violinist and conductor Sándor Végh, one of the great chamber music violinists of the twentieth century.

International star violinist Maxim Vengerov visited Florian Lehonard and played this exceptional instrument (video). Maxim Vengerov said:

“I was very fortunate in my life to have been able to play the absolutely greatest instruments since I was little. I’ve learnt at a very young age that a great instrument will teach you how to play”.

Florian Leonhard said: “It’s been my honour and privilege to be involved with the Menuhin Competition for many years now, and especially this year that it is being brought back to London. I am delighted that the Junior 1st Prize will receive this Del Gesu to play on for one year. I wish all participants the very best of luck!”

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