Asako Fukuda

Asako Fukuda,

19, Japan

Asako Fukuda was born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1996. When she was 2, she wanted to be like her older sister and brother who both played the violin. Asako studies at Tokyo College of Music under the mentorship of professors Machie Oguri and Natusmi Tamai. In 2009 she was a prizewinner of the All Japan Students Music Competition. In 2015 she won the 2nd Prize and Bach Prize of the 16th Kloster Schöntal Violin Competition in Germany.

“I have been dreaming of participating in the Menuhin Competition ever since I was a child. I am very glad that I have been accepted. It is a pleasure to perform in the contest, especially in centennial of Menuhin’s birth. I would like to enjoy performing imagining that Lord Menuhin is sitting in front of me and listening to my music. I always try to give the audience a good time, and try to express myself freely in music. I will do my best in the competition.” (Asako Fukuda)