Header_Stephen Waarts
Waarts, Stephen

Senior 1st Prize
Stephen Waarts, USA

Bach Prize donated by Robert Masters
Composer’s Prize for Donald Grantham’s Black-eyed Suzy – donated by Toyoko Hattori
One year loan of a fine old Italian violin by Christophe Landon Rare

Fukuda, Rennosuke

Junior 1st Prize
Rennosuke Fukuda, Japan

One year loan of a fine old Italian violin by Florian Leonhard Fine Violins

InMo Yang

Senior 2nd Prize
Inmo Yang, South Korea

Donated by Christophe Landon Rare Violins

Lozakovitj, Daniel

Junior 2nd Prize
Daniel Lozakovich, Sweden

Donated by Florian Leonhard Fine Violins

Lim, Christine

Senior 3rd Prize
Christine Seohyun Lim, USA

Donated by the Texas Cultural Trust and Texas Women for the Arts

ludvig gudim

Junior 3rd Prize
Ludvig Gudim, Norway

Donated in honour of BAI, LLC Consultants in Acoustics

Kim, Stephen

Senior 4th Prize
Stephen Kim, USA

Donated in honour of Dr. Morris Beachy
Chamber Music Prize – awarded by the Miró Quartet, donated by Joy & Glenn Chandler

Zhou, Alex

Junior 4th Prize
Alex Zhou, USA

Donated by Houston Methodist
Composer’s Prize for Dan Welcher’s “The Cowboy and the Rattlesnake ” donated by Toyoko Hattori

Wee, Jaewon

Junior 5th Prize
Jaewon Wee, South Korea

Donated by Tocker Foundation

Chooi, Aaron Timothy

EMCY Prize for exceptional performance
Aaron Timothy Chooi, Canada