Live Music Now: London 2016 Competitors Visited UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre

On 12 and 13 April some of the London 2016 competitors visited UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre and performed with some Live Music Now musicians. The visits were very successful and brightened up patients’ day. Live Music Now musician Chris Hanning (Jacquin Trio) said:

“I spoke to a few patients who were really moved. Met a young mom who was going for radiotherapy. Her late husband used to play cello for the Warsaw Opera orchestra and she found it hard to listen to classical music since, but started recently again and was moved to tears today.”

More information, photos, and a complete list of the musicians who took part are available here

All photos on this page: Ivan Gonzalez

Marley Erickson UCH outreach
Olivia Chen UCH outreach