Marie Isabel Kropfitsch

Marie Isabel Kropfitsch

19, Austria

Marie Isabel Kropfitsch began learning the violin aged 4 and is currently studying with Christian Altenburger at the University of Music and performing arts in Vienna. At the age of 10 she gave her first solo recital in Padua. She has won many prizes at international competitions including 1st Prize in the Paul Hindemith Competition and the 3rd prize in the Johannes Brahms competition. She has taken part in masterclasses including with Midori, attended international festivals and performed as soloist with different orchestras. She recorded 6 Mozart Quartets in with the Jess Quartet Wien when she was 11. Marie plays a Violin by Josephus Guarneri “filius Andrea” 1712, presented by a private sponsor.

“Since I was a child, I watched and followed the Menuhin Competition every 2 years it took place and I admired every competitor for their great preparation and performance and I always discussed the decisions and the results of the jury with my friends and colleagues. It’s amazing to see that everybody has a different opinion; but in end the joy of playing music is the most important thing and for the most people it counts the most. I’m very looking forward to get to know so many great young musicians and that I have the opportunity to get a feedback from such a great jury!” (Marie Isabel Kropfitsch)

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