Molin Han

Molin Han

15, China

Molin Han began the violin when she was 4. In 2006, she won the 1st Prize in the “China Star Torch” Children’s TV series. In 2012, she won the 1st Prize in the Zibo First Instrumental Music TV series. The following year she attended Shanghai Conservatory of Music and performed in the 4th Baroque Music Festival Chamber Music masterclass. In 2014 she won 1st Prize of the Middle Music School of the Central Conservatory of Music and served as concertmaster of the China Youth Symphony Orchestra. The same year performed in the Central Conservatory of Music’s 7th Chamber Music Festival.

“I’m really excited and feel grateful for being accepted to take part in the Menuhin Competition. For me, a beginning violinist, it’s a pleasant surprise and valuable opportunity. I believe I can gain much experience and learn a lot from famous musicians as well as other participants. It has been my dream to watch the brilliant performance of world-level violinists, thanks to this precious opportunity, I feel much closer to my dream. Being accepted by the Menuhin Competition is an affirmation to my ten years’ violin study, and also an important milestone for me, I believe I will get make more progress through this competition.
I feel really grateful to be a member of the 2016 Menuhin Competition. I’ll try my best to perform as best as I can. As a violinist, the happiness for me is to present the best music to my audience and bring happiness to them, which is what I’m pursuing.”
(Molin Han)