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Remembering Dr Farad Azima

We are sad to advise of the recent death of Dr Farad Azima, who had been a wonderful Trustee of the Menuhin Competition since 2009.  He was an extraordinary man who loved classical music and who, despite his busy career, always found time to contribute to the event in innovative ways.

Trained as a research scientist, Farad became a successful tech entrepreneur and founded a number of UK technology companies, including the biomedical and healthcare group NetScientific PLC, now run by Sir Richard Sykes FRS, as well as the audio engineering groups NXT PLC and Mission Electronics. He was awarded a number of international patents for his innovative scientific work and enjoyed strong links with academic institutions both in Europe and in the United States.

His support of the Menuhin Competition Trust was just one aspect of his wide-ranging philanthropy. His support was critical in enabling the Trust to hold the 2016 Competition in London in recognition of the centenary of Lord Menuhin’s birth.

His generosity was spontaneous and appreciated by all. We knew him as a kind, gentle, thoughtful man with an extraordinary range of friends across several continents. He will be greatly missed.

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